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A Butcher Block Table that You
  Actually Need

A Butcher Block Table that You Actually Need

Each and every house has a person who needs to do some heavy duty chopping during cooking. That is why we have the butcher block table. There is a wide range of sizes, types and materials used for those tables. People who don`t know much about this table, may experience hard times trying to find the best one that fits them. This is why we decided to discuss this piece of furniture in specific. Let`s take a look on the various sorts of options available.

The Style
Well, since the butcher block table is no longer exclusive to butcher stores; then we need to add some style to it. A very trendy and space saving idea is booming for this table, which is executing it as a counter on top one. This provides you with the surface you need to do the work and won`t take space.

The Location
Since the butcher table is used for chopping; accordingly, it is located in the kitchen (obvious I know). Try to corner it, or place it in a place that is not used often. You don`t actually chop meat or chicken everyday; so give yourself some space and place it in an easy to reach location for later use.

The Material and Value
The top has to be a wooden one, a thick wooden one in order to handle the chopping. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the surface (the most important part) and each category is with a different price. Maple as a start is a really hard material that is suitable for a butcher block table surface, it costs around USD 83.

In addition, there is the Cherry surface that provides you with a rich reddish color and also the hardness you need. Its average price is USD 152. There is also the Zebra-wood which is a mix between dark grains and golden ones, which gives the table a spectacular look. It is 1.5 inches thick and its price is USD 72. Finally, there is the Bamboo. The carbonized bamboo end grain is 2.5 inches thick and you can buy it for USD 123. Those are the most popular materials used. There are other ones too that you can search for them online, if you are looking for further options.

To wrap things up, we hope that this brief helps you in choosing the best butcher block table that fits you. A lot of people see that it may not be of great importance; as most of them don`t do heavy duty chopping often these days. Yet, it remains a vital part in the kitchen that from my own point of view, every house should have. Butcher block tables are not exclusively related to butcher stores only anymore.

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