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A great replacement for a traditional wooden table: glass top dining table

A great replacement for a traditional wooden table: glass top dining table

Dining tables and chairs with glass top

A great replacement for a traditional wooden dining table is a glass top dining table that won’t clutter the space. The biggest advantage of the glass table is its stylish appearance. It fits perfectly into most interiors and looks particularly harmonious in high-tech rooms.

The glass plate creates a fantastic feeling of light and airiness, so that it increases the visual space of the room. Modern dining tables with a glass top come in different designs: wrought iron, chrome-plated surfaces and lacquered wood are often used in combination with glass. As such, the price of this stuff is usually a little higher than the price of a traditional “average” table.

It may appear that these units are fragile, but glass-topped dining tables come in very handy. The glass of the table top is very strong because it is made of tempered glass. In addition, the hardened glass plates are covered with a special protective film. Even if you somehow break the stuff, the film will keep all the pieces together. Durable glass tops on dining tables are not attacked by moisture and corrosive chemicals.

They are easy to clean, they do not absorb fats and dyes. The only drawback of such a device can be fingerprints and stains that are easily left on the surface. Wipe the device regularly to keep it looking shiny. The bases of these tables are usually made of metal or wood. Tables with wooden legs are well suited for classic interiors, metal objects – for modern ones.

dining tables with glass top

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