A wood coffee table in home interior

A wood coffee table in home interior

Wooden coffee table with marble top
A wooden coffee table brings a bit of cosiness into the living room. It can be a solid wood unit, a transformer, a modern or a rustic table. When choosing such an item, your main task will be to find the stuff that will fit into the entire interior of the room. You can even make a wooden coffee table yourself and therefore cost less than the furniture that is commercially available.

You get exactly what you want. Since a coffee table is a kind of “addition” to the existing furniture and room decoration, its style should match the room design. If your living room set is made in a rustic style, you can order a unit made from untreated raw wood or even use a real tree trunk part. Classic interiors call for something more elegant. Classic wooden coffee tables have a polished and lacquered surface and a stylish shape.

It can be a rectangular, square, oval or round object. Some original models have rich hand-made decor on their tops. Contemporary interior lines, simple shapes and lines. If you buy an ordinary wooden cube or a table with a glass top mounted on the hardwood frame, it will be an ideal fit in your room.

Beautiful tables that are lighter in weight than the solid wood models are created when the master uses veneer and wood together. The prices for these items depend on the type of wood used in their manufacture. Hardwood stuff is more expensive. The cherry, walnut or oak table costs more than the same pine model.

wooden coffee table

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