Wednesday , 17 July 2024
Add style to your Home with Indoor Shutters

Add style to your Home with Indoor Shutters

If you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home with draperies, curtains and shutters, than indoor shutters are the best window treatment solutions as they help to increase the value of your home. When you sell a home you sell with the indoor shutters. To-day plantation shutters are very much the trend with more light being let in and also leaving the view exposed to the outside.

Different Window Shutters available: The indoor shutters come in different styles depending on the size of the louver. The most common louver size is 2 ½ inches which is ideal for normal rooms with normal ceiling height. Those homes that have huge rooms with high ceiling can use 3 ½ inch louver.

Whenever you decide to buy plantation shutters for your home, a few features should be taken into account. When you contact a local shutter company they will come and measure your window and build a shutter that is customized for your window so that the divider rail is ideally placed in the centre.

The Benefits of having Shutters specially Designed for You: When shutters are specially designed for the windows of your home you have the choice of choosing the design that will fit your window well. Sometimes a half shutter is all that is needed in your home to prevent the entry of sunlight but it is not worth it as the half shutter costs as much as the full. You can instead get full shutters which allow lots of light and view as well as protect the furniture from damage due to sunlight.

How Shutters can be used to provide Multiple Options: Many of the plantation shutters have been designed to provide the homeowner with a lot of options. When you chose the double hung shutter, homeowner will be able to open the top louvers while the bottom louvers remains closed. They can also fold against the wall where the bottom remains in place.

Shutters that are designed using divider rail or double hung shutter are convenient for bathrooms as they allow the closure of the lower louvers for privacy. If you want to install indoor shutters check on the different designs mentioned above and choose what appeals to you.

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