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Advantages of a small

Advantages of a small bookshelf

A small bookshelf is a necessity for any well done living room, shop, waiting room or even an office. A small bookshelf could be made in any design or size. It can be placed in corners or mounted on walls. It can even be fitted under stairs. They can be part of ladder shelves or tower cabinets or glass cabinets. They can be fitted with glass doors or wooden covers to keep off dust and blend in with the décor of the room.

Advantages of having a small bookshelf: A small bookshelf is advantageous as books can be found easily without one hunting for it. Bookshelves add style to the room and double up for storage as well. It is used to make the room look neater. It can also be used to keep souvenirs or decorative pieces on it. A small bookshelf is also easy to put up or take down incase one needs to shift it

Tips when choosing bookshelves: Before choosing a bookcase or a bookshelf one must keep a few things in mind :Is it too small or too large for the room. Will it match with the rest of the furniture in terms of color, pattern and material used. How and where will it be placed. Will it make optimum use of the space. What is the height it should be at – it should not be too high or too low as it will be inconvenient to pull out books from it

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