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Great pond design ideas for your garden

Great pond design ideas for your garden

If you are working towards having a pond in your garden, if might have to choose between a hard pond liner and a soft pond liner. You will also want to consider the shape of the pond and the space you will require in the pond. Your pond design is very vital as it will guide you during the process of creating your pond.

Liner: The liner of the pond is the material you use to line the inner part of your pond. Most times you start building your pond from the liner and then you build outwards. The choice of the liner will depend on you and the type of pond you are building, based on the design of your pond.

Shape: Shape is also a very important aspect of your pond design. The character or charm of your pond is dependent on the shape of the pond. You can decide to build an informal pond or a formal pond. Informal ponds could have fluid lines that are curved with the edges not properly defined.

The informal pond usually have a function and appearance that is natural. When you are building a formal pond, it should have geometric shapes and straight line. You will also need to use rocks, preformed tiles or brick to give it a border that is rigid.

This type of pool can also reflect flowers and trees. They are also generally very calm. Some examples of shapes you can use for your formal pond include oval, squares and rectangular. If you want to install the easiest pond type, you should go for the rectangle shape. The holes are easier to dig and only few corner folds are required, when a soft liner is used.

Space: When planning your pond design, it is very important that you consider space. You should be aware of the pond shape you want and how much space you want, based on what you want to use the pond for. You will also want to create space for your favorite plants and rocks. This is important so as not to end up with a cramped up pond.

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