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INTRODUCTION: Garden border edging is involved with placing borders at edge of gardens. With this, one can be able to separate a garden from other structures like gardens, roads etc. There are various steps of garden border edging. One can find these steps on the internet. All one has to do is to follow the procedures as stated on the internet.

GARDEN BORDER EDGING: The simplest borders that would separate a garden from other structure are 4 in strips of plastic, aluminum and steel. These materials blend together into curves that are very smooth and also halt grass roots from spreading.

He painted steel and aluminum provides a very sleek and refined look due to the fact that they are not seen against garden beds and grasses. The plastic kinds usually have a black bulge which is always along the edge’s top. When one has dips and rises, installing a pave border would be much easier.

Brick pavers and concrete are good for making a garden border and are also very good for edging. They are perfect when one wants a wide border that would help to keep grasses out of the garden and also allow flowers and such other crops to spill over without having to intrude onto the grasses.

The sand bed that is being laid over landscape fabric helps to keep grasses from putting roots beneath an edging and also getting into that garden. Paver borders are perfect for formal and straight gardens, but are better for informal gardens and yards that have varying slopes and gradual curves.

One can easily have them adjusted in order to have them follow the contours of a garden. However, the pave borders won’t fit perfectly just as it would on tighter curves only if one alters the design. After this, he would have to cut them so as to make them fit. One can use a diamond blade saw for this.

CONCLUSION: Stone walls do more than making a tidy and neat border along a garden. When one has a poor soil or a clay soil, he could just fill the interior part with compost and top soil. When he does this, he would have a lovely planting bed

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