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Basic Outdoor Storage Shed Designs

Basic Outdoor Storage Shed Designs

There is a great deal of basic yet dainty outdoor storage shed designs that can you use for your own backyard. These designs would surely be a gorgeous accent to your greenhouse or garden blooms. The garden sheds can also enhance the total appeal of your garden. Aside from being a nice accent to your outdoor space, garden storage sheds can be of practical use. They could provide a perfect storage spot for your garden supplies and tools.

You can find ample selections of outdoor storage shed designs in a lifestyle and modern living magazines as well as online. A few of them will be enumerated below.

The Lean-to Style Garden Shed

This could probably be one of the basic designs you can find anywhere. The design incorporates a flat roof with a little tone or no gradient at all. The shape for this specific design is in rectangular form. The name says it all as it is basically designed to lean against another structure such as the garage at home. This is the most suitable outdoor space, especially for those who have limited space.

The Gorgeous Pent Roof Garden Shed Style

Another option would be the pent roof style. It is in a way similar to the lean-to style, but it is specifically designed as a stand-alone structure. It is made up of a flat single piece of roof with a little pitch or slope. It comes in a rectangular form with door situated beneath the highest part of the roof. There are times that this garden shed style is designed with a cute window next to the door to provide an extra lighting inside the hut.

The Intricate Gable Roof Shed

If you like something that is more intricate than the previous two designs mentioned above, you can get this design. The construction of the roof of this shed is an A-frame style. There are two roof sides built with this shed. Every side has the same size and gradient. It is an ideal choice for keeping your garden supplies and tools properly due to the additional head space under its roof.

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