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Bathroom Shelves Add to Your
  Bathroom Elegance and Practicality

Bathroom Shelves Add to Your Bathroom Elegance and Practicality

Some storage in the bathroom is attained through bathroom shelves. They add an airy effect in the environment, too. You can place some chic decorative items also that increase the quality of your place. To keep the bathroom looking ultra clean and tidy, choose the shelves according to the size, style and setting of your bathroom. A little change in the shelves  can modify your bathroom elegantly. There are various shelves designs and sizes to choose from. You must be wondering how to make your pick so as to transform your bathroom into a place that is comfortable to use and soothing to eyes. Here we have some handpicked designs and ideas in bathroom shelves to make the selection easy for you.

Wulan Hanging Bathroom Shelf by signature hardware via bhg : These four easy-to-use and chic-to-look teak-wood shelves are  convenient storing option for your main necessities in the bathroom. You can sort out the priorities and lesser used objects to place them on all four shelves. The best feature of these shelves is that the things can instantly be picked and placed without any trouble. Get one for your bathroom today and enjoy easy storage even if your bathroom space is little.

Modern Bathroom Shelves by designershelving available in etsy : You can see this option is highly practical. These handmade shelves are ideal for decorative purpose and can hold the weight up to 75 lbs.  For a corner in the bathroom that is left empty, you can get this steel rope hanging shelves and place an assortment of chic decorative item – a couple of vases, a little plant,a  mirror, a few towels etc. The choice is yours but these durable shelves with  natural impression can give your room a very friendly look.

Mercer Triple Glass Shelf by Pottery Barn available in potterybarn : A modern bathroom is incomplete without a glass shelf. This Mercer Triple Glass Shelf is classy for your room without any explanations. Though, it is delicate and looks fragile but in fact it is strong enough to hold your most of the objects that you need to store in the bathroom. Its transparent shelves add space in your room and give an airy feeling about it.

Decorative Bathroom Shelf by The Dormy House available in thedormyhouse: This simple yet elegant white shelf from The Dormy House is a clever storage option with modern decoration. While you keep your bathroom accessories well-organized in it, you can also display some ornate objects of your interest on it. Get this shelf for your bathroom, it is cheap and functional.

Large Wirework Bathroom Shelf by Live Laugh Love available in livelaughlove : No space occupying shelves are always a top option of homeowners. This Large Wirework Bathroom Shelf cannot be missed by you are searching for something unique and classy for your not-so-wide bathroom. Its see-through quality keeps it looking light and not disturbing. The metal color of the wire keeps it matching with most of the color themes for your bathroom. It is highly affordable, try one today and  bring an airy change in your room.

M Collection Towel Holder by wetstyle available in qualitybath for 32 inch qualitybath: Modish and neat, this Towel Holder offers help for anyone needing a towel quick. You do not go clumsy about your collection of towels but sort them out in clean arrangement. A few orantes on the top shelves keep the bathroom environment pleasant while the towels in the lower shelves add practicality to your room.

Lohas Wall Mounted Towel Rack by organizeit available in wayfair : Live with panache by having this ultra practical and elegant Lohas Wall Mounted Towel rack. Keeping your assortment of towels neatly piled on top is a facility to look for, and here you can hang your towel-in-use on the towel hanger without needing to fix a separate towel hanger. It is the need of every bathroom and to keep it easily accessible, it is priced low and affordable!

Vipp Hylde Small Bathroom Shelves by Vipp Concept Store available in : With a vigor of modern living, you cannot ignore this Vipp Hylde’s new offer in small bathroom shelves. They offer you style, elegance and tidiness in your bathroom. Time and usage is not going to affect the quality and aura of this shelf. Get one for your bathroom, they are space friendly and need no maintenance.

Bamboo 5 Tier Bathroom Shelf by John Lewis available in johnlewis : Hooray! Bamboo 5 Tier bathroom shelf does not need to be fixed and hanged in the wall. Just get one and prop it against the wall and that is all! In a corner or in between the vanity and bath-tub, it can be placed anywhere. You can change its place any time according to your needs and choice. No need to wait for the weekend to drill in the wall! The Shelves start from above with smallest than the bigger and bigger. Arrange your necessities with ease!

These small Bathroom wall Shelves are for any purpose. You can use them for towels, hair accessories, bathing items or other small personal details. Get two or three as you need and hang them separately to give your bathroom a vital storage ability. They are super cheap and highly practical or multi-purpose needs!

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