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Benefits of classic cast iron bathtub

Benefits of classic cast iron bathtub

Cast iron bath frame

Each type of bathtub has its advantages and disadvantages, and a cast iron bathtub is perfect with its durability. Casting is a heavy, but stable material with the longest lifespan. Even with a hammer, you won’t crack a cast iron bathtub. Acrylic tubs are losers here. However, a cast bath is very heavy stuff.

Even when it is empty, it presses against the floor (your neighbour’s ceiling). Take into account the amount of water inside, as well as your weight, and the idea of ​​installing a cast iron bathtub becomes even more frightening. What if you use it to damage the floor? The owners of private houses who live on the ground floor like to decide for themselves which bathtub they want. It doesn’t matter what weight it is.

In addition, they can buy such a device for the garden or backyard. When the heat outside is unbearable, splashing around in the water is fun and it doesn’t matter if that water comes down. Your cast iron garden bathtub is on the floor. These devices keep the water temperature perfectly. They look good in a classic bathroom design with wall and floor tiles. Once you have filled the tub with hot water, you can enjoy your bath for 20-30 minutes.

Plaster of paris can hold water heat longer, but it is not good for health to do such water treatment for so long. Regarding tub maintenance, we should agree that if you drop heavy objects into it, enamel is easily damaged. The soil can be restored, but the process is not an easy one.

classic cast iron bathtub

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