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Best Interior Paint Ideas

Best Interior Paint Ideas

Painting your house can be a very hard task, but it gives you pleasure to the most. Whether you are doing it yourself or you are just choosing the colors, both things are hard to achieve especially if it is your first time. There are so many interior paint ideas than you can imagine, and each one of them can be done by yourself if you want to. Many people are afraid of messing things up, and to whose people we say: mess as you want. The wall is like a flip sheet, if you mess it up just do it again. If anything goes wrong, you can start all over again without any additional requirement.

Patterns: Now let’s start with the simplest of the interior paint ideas, which is patterned painting. This is as simple as it could get, on a plain colored wall; just use a pattern brush or the pattern roll over the wall. The pattern brush or roll is made from a high absorbing material, which can prevent dripping effect. As for the patterns itself, they are sold separately and can be applied to any brush or roll. You can choose the pattern according to the room type, like you can choose cartoon or funny animals’ pattern for a children’s room.

Single And Double Sided Colors: There is another great idea that is considered one of the most beautiful interior paint ideas, which is the single colored or the double sided wall color. The single colored wall simply means that you paint one wall with a different color than the other three, and this is to signify that wall.

It can be the wall with the big window or the fireplace, or the wall with the small library or your shelf of trophies; anything you want. The double sided painting option means that you paint two opposing walls with the same color, and the other two with another color. Both ideas can be great to improve the view, and to signify the thing on that specially painted wall.

Other Ideas: If we look for more interior paint ideas, we will find plenty of them. For example, you can use a big pattern two or maximum three times on every wall; and in random places. You may draw a painting on the wall instead of hanging a frame, and you can also paint empty frames on the wall so you can glue any picture you want in them. You will never run out of ideas, but the thing is to have confidence and to get the right tools. If you have a friend who has done similar stuff, ask him for advice and ideas.

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