Choose the Most Trendy
  Bathroom Fixtures You Can Find

Choose the Most Trendy Bathroom Fixtures You Can Find

Shower heads, toilets, tubs and water faucets. So many elements you have to get for your bathroom! With all of the wide varieties of new design collections, it can get really confusing when choosing a bathroom fixture. We are going to take you in this article through each and every category to make life a little bit easier for you .So let`s see what the market has for us now as the latest fashionable trendy fixtures.

Shower Heads
The latest fashion when it comes to shower heads, are the built-in ones. Especially, the ones in the ceiling that usually have sharp water beam and come with indirect lighting. Usually these shower heads are installed above a shallow small tab that is centred in the bathroom. Others install it in a glass closed showering area too. Those shower heads are usually used in modern bathrooms. On the other hand some people say that it is not an easy fixture to repair in case it was broken due to its complication.

Water Faucets
Yes, the first thing that will cross your mind is that beautiful and magical automatic faucet that runs water whenever you pass your hand in front of its motion sensor. A bathroom fixture if you consider it a piece of art, you are right. Those faucets witnessed a very remarkable increase in their sales as they are becoming more popular each day.

The faucets that give you a light indicator on the water itself according to its temperature has a decent market share too, as more home décor designers are recommending it and it is becoming trendier. However, they have same problem as the shower heads we talked about earlier, not all professional labours can fix them in case they were broken. Most probably you will have to replace them.

For some reason (we actually don`t know why) people are becoming more interested in what I would like to call the “Flying Toilets”. Have you ever seen one of those toilets where you get the feeling that it is hovering over the bathroom ground? Usually the unit is all fixed in the wall, that`s why it gives you that hovering look. Large, plain ones are more popular too now than the ones with artworks or some drawings.

The most important bathroom fixture maybe? Who doesn`t look forward to go home and relax in his/her tub with some music on in order to recover from a long tiring day. Vintage tubs with hand-made copper legs are becoming really popular these days.

All in all, not every new and trendy bathroom fixture can fit your bathroom. If your bathroom is modern go with the fixtures that fit, the same goes if you are having a classic one, then you should go vintage and choose vintage fashioned fixtures. At the end of the day, who doesn`t like to invest in one of the most important and relaxing areas in his/her place like the bathroom!

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