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Convenient folding modern patio furniture

Convenient folding modern patio furniture

Modern wooden garden furniture
Today different versions of modern patio furniture are available. These are tables, chairs, garden sofas, armchairs, chairs and benches. Mostly they are made of plastic, wood or wrought iron, sometimes made of woven rattan or tendrils. Any type and design of furniture for a modern terrace should match the style of the surroundings and the landscape. Rustic style wooden furniture is acceptable, but contemporary design suggests using modern metal or plastic patio furniture.

The elegant cast iron tables and chairs with ornaments, which are preferably used in the courtyard, can also be placed in the terrace area. The simplest bench, installed in different parts of the garden, can be transformed into a modern construction with storage space inside. It is an additional seat for your guests. Standard folding chairs made of aluminum tubes and stretched fabric for the seat and back are the simplest option. Chairs with wooden frames with adjustable backrests made of linen are also often chosen. They came to replace heavy cast iron units. Special kits for eating and resting in this area are traditionally made of wood, metal and plastic. Modern kits have a protective umbrella.

Modern kits usually have folding furniture units with removable soft seats. In this area, deck chairs can also be set up, which are usually set up next to the swimming pools. They usually have a metal frame and a fabric cover. Choose water and weather resistant items that can be left outside.

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