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Window Treatment for French doors – A desirable Treat

Window Treatment for French doors – A desirable Treat

Windows are treated to give additional functionality and beauty in the home. These treatments can be by using a window blind, curtains and by mounting a window shutter to protect against the elements and for additional purposes.

French doors are known for their exposure, transparency, and somewhat uncommon design style. They have handle openings of varying designs and style.

You can replicate the similar treat in your window to a French door giving it that additional beauty and function like a treatment in windows.

Give your interior décor style to your French door

When applying a window treatment for French door, the first thing you’ll want to check out is your interior design style. This is to enable you to blend the style with your French door treatment to avoid any odds in the design. Check out the colors and tone of the window treatment and apply a similar style to the French door bringing out a good match.

Using curtains is the right start for your French door treatment

If there is any easy way to start the window treat for your French door, I’ll say it’s the curtain style. Installing a long stretch rod across the top of the door is all you’ll have to do. You can fix a curtain or drape to match the interior parts.

Adding a window blind can make a difference

If you already have window blinds installed in your home, it will be easy installing similar style in your door without the fear of oddity. The only uncertainty here may be in the management and blind design which would enable you to have a control of the door’s handle.

Making it a Roman shade is as good

Roman shades of fabrics design are just cool to keep the lights on the check. You decide when to open and close when not in use. The very good side to roman shades is in its non-interference with the door handles which is an advantage in the easy use of the door. You can replicate this in window treatments for French doors in your home.

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