Saturday , 18 May 2024
Having versatile Elegant Glass
  Shelves in Your Home

Having versatile Elegant Glass Shelves in Your Home

Smooth, shiny and transparent – get these new shelves for your contemporary home setting. Glass shelves are practical for placing anything in any part of your home; they blend in any environment for being transparent. Glass shelves for living room are an option famous for its versatility; you can maximize its function and use it for multiple purposes.

Thinking of making them to look alluring? Place your jewelry pieces on it in your bedroom and the whole environment comes to life. These jewelry pieces of yours carry hundreds of happy and beautiful memories – never to be forgotten. You remind yourself with those happy events when your jewelry shines on the hanging glass shelves. Place a little statute on the top shelf or hang your wedding image above the shelves and they will look brighter. Here are some ideas to make your interior look fabulous with glass shelves:

Make-Up Accessories: For make-up accessories replacement glass shelves are the best storing place. Even if they are high you know what is in the top most shelves without rising on your toes. These make-up accessories convert into decorative items when you display them on the decorative wall mounted glass shelves elegantly. Keep the big bottles and tubes on the above shelf and place smaller items on the downer shelves. Never forget to add a very unique decorative object among the make-up accessories to create a unique look.   In your bedroom, night lights are the best option that you place among your make-up accessories.

Crystal Objects Collection: If you have a collection of crystal decorative items, your custom tempered glass shelves can be the best place to display them. Keep the versatility in mind and add the collection of crystal objects with some synthetic flowers in the center.

For Some Useful Items: Placing some necessary objects like a small shelf calendar, a collection of your awards and cups you won in college and any other little object these glass shelves remain an inclusive spot.

Bathing Supplies: Your shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, hand-wash, towels, soaps, body sprays etc can find an elegant place on the floating glass shelves wall mount to stay there in style.

Modern Kitchen Storing: The light color modern kitchen furniture and curtains match with frosted glass shelves immensely. You can place a number of objects on them creating a great kitchen décor idea. If you have some herbs or indoor plants in small pots, place them on the top most shelf and let the arms covered with fresh green leaves hang down. They will increase the panache of your kitchen.

With glass shelves bookcase you get versatile décor options but be very active in keeping them always shining clean, free of a single speck of dust otherwise the transparent surface of the shelves will deface the decoration theme of the shelves and they will create an opposite effect which is not at all desired!

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