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How to Decorate and Furnish A
  Girls Bedroom in your Home

How to Decorate and Furnish A Girls Bedroom in your Home

Girls love colors and dynamic designs. When it is about their little world – their bedroom – they specifically love to have all the rich and warm colors there. Sometimes you can break away from the traditional colors and designs and create some new color combinations and styles which can look pretty unique and appealing to your daughter.

Instead of choosing flowery patterns, pick some geometrical designs and add some white in the back ground to cool down the warmth of rich colors. Creativity with a girls’ bedroom knows no ends. Modern designs are a combination of innovative pattern with floral designs – go for them! What you arrange in your daughter’s bedroom is all about your own creativity and choice.

Power of Paints: You can accentuate girls’ bedroom with paints without any difficulty. Choose bold raspberry, tangy orange or sweet pink to make different size squares or paint alternate walls. Either use three of four different colors or go with two contrasting paints to create striking effects in the bedroom. Solid wall colors contribute to great bedroom decoration ideas.

Setting a Room for Two: For making a room attractive and “homey” for two occupants, make sure that you make a clever combination of your both children’s favorite objects. Keep the color combination of two rather than nixing up more colors. With white furniture rose and sage color covers and curtains create the best aura. You can choose carved wooden furniture with a vintage aura but do not go for dark colors; they look dull and not suitable for girls’ bedroom.

Accentuating Walls with Writing  : Choose a poem or some famous sayings and write them on the wall. Find wall decals and stencils to write with style and choose colors contrasting wall paint for writing the words so that the message is read loud and clear.

Make a Princess’s Room: This bedroom theme and design needs some special planning. Choose white and pink colors for the entire room decoration – curtains, sheets, covers and furniture upholstery. Make a flowery net canopy over her bed and arrange beautiful flowers on the side table. Place a heart shaped pink pillow on the bed and keep the bed cover plain white or pink dotted. White furniture and flowery wall decoration can make the bedroom look like the room of a princess.

Grow with Her: The furniture in a girls’ bedroom can remain the same as she grows from a baby to a teen but the style of setting and colors can change to fit the developed stage of your child. The nightstands and built-in-cabinets can be made perfectly suitable for make-up, teen magazines and hair accessories after they were exclusively for dolls and toys. Bring change with colors of curtains, wall paints, rugs and bed covers. Adorn the walls with paintings of things that your child loves or posters of famous stars or handcrafted objects to interpret her teen desires and likings.

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