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How to Make French Country
  Kitchen Looking Cool and Elegant

How to Make French Country Kitchen Looking Cool and Elegant

When I say cheese and wine you must have imaginations of delicious cuisines and aromatic dishes that are the major parts of French Kitchen. And when we talk about French country kitchen we have a unique imagination of friendly yet elegant environment with a fairy tale like touch; dishes neatly piled with aromatic food the taste of which steals your taste buds from you. In fact the French country kitchen depicts the charming rural settings of France.

With earth-toned color combinations that favor cooking activities and natural wood cabinets, the kitchen is all about reality and practicality. Cabinets play a great role in the country kitchen styles. The rustic attraction mainly depends on cabinets. Keep the cabinets having furniture-like features, intricate arches and decoration to make your kitchen a complete French country kitchen! Paint them in earth-toned colors to how the original hues of French countryside. The handles of antique brass or wire grille create a more authentic French country look.

As the cabinets form the most portion of your kitchen, pay focused attention to them. Custom making your cabinets can help you have accurately perfect French country kitchen cabinets. While you decorate your kitchen, take the cooking utensils, copper pots, cooking tools and other things, arrange great displays with them by hanging them in suitable places. Countertops are the best places for making a fantastic display.

Pendant lighting looks the most suitable in your French country kitchen. Choose shades that look antique and fix in them bulbs giving golden hue. These blend with your environment and compliment it.  Focusing on the basic purpose of a kitchen – cooking and arranging food – you can keep the real spirit of French country kitchen high.

Other furniture pieces of your French country kitchen can be chosen from the furniture stores and you do not need to custom make them like cabinets. Any close resembling designs with matching colors can go pretty well in your kitchen environment. If the color difference becomes greater, it will not look complimenting. Choosing wrought iron chairs and table looks more suitable but you can go with wooden furniture as well if that can be found in great design and color.

Regarding the decoration of your kitchen, do not pick contemporary decorative items but go for things that are very particularly to French country areas. They can give your kitchen heart stealing look. Anything would go whether the statues of farm animals or utensils.

Keep the arrangement at the corners and on top of the cabinets where the direct light falls on them and make them look bright and illuminated at night. For window curtains choose fabric with countryside prints and colors. Keep the designs in traditional countryside style and here you go with your cool French country kitchen!

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