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How to Select the Right Option
  from Baby Bedroom Furniture Sets

How to Select the Right Option from Baby Bedroom Furniture Sets

Hush, little baby, don’t say a word. Papa’s gonna buy you a mockingbird……Isn’t the famous lovely lullaby starts ringing in the ears when you think of your coming baby and his bedroom? There is nothing more exciting for parents-to-be more than making preparations for their baby who has yet to arrive. Ideas about clothes to baby bedroom furniture sets storm your mind and you find it so difficult to make the right decision. Keeping in mind comfort of the baby and his healthy growth, you can arrange all the necessary items one by one with excellence. Here are some tips that can help choose the best option for your baby from the baby bedroom furniture sets:

Safety: Safety of your child comes first when you plan for buying the furniture set. The paint of some of the furniture items is not safe for the delicate and sensitive skin of your baby. Get sure that you get the furniture items painted with a non-toxic and safe paint if the furniture set is already in your possession. Apply the paint two to three months before the baby’s arrival so that the irritating smell of new paint is diminished until the right time. In case this is your first baby and you are going to purchase new baby bedroom furniture set, confirm from the furniture manufacturer that paint is fully secure for baby use. Furniture with round corners is highly recommended because when the baby starts walking, the round edges offer a safer environment for him.

Design: Simple designs look elegant, intricate designs have a vintage aura, heavy looking furniture is sturdy and furniture with more storage option is highly practical. The choices are ample and you are there to choose one that looks the right set for your baby. If the room of your baby is already fixed with curtains and other décor items, it takes lesser thinking to choose a bedroom set that goes with the room decoration. Otherwise you can choose any baby bedroom furniture set that appeal you. After this you are free to decorate the room in a style matching with the set.

Color: Colors associated with babies are the loveliest choice in every baby product you buy but the story of furniture is a bit different.  Being a wooden item it looks classy to choose natural or dark wood shades in baby bedroom furniture sets. With proper lighting of the room you can create lovely hues in the room. Two color baby bedroom furniture sets are popular these days. For example, red and white or white and blue painted sets make a bold statement. If you are aware of the sex of your baby, it becomes easier to choose a more suitable color for the baby bedroom furniture set.

1-Tutti Bambini Marie 7 Piece Nursery Room Set (Price:£1,599.00) -available in    Neat and gentle for the eyes, this 7 pc nursery set is just the ticket for a beautiful outlook for your nursery. The elegant curves that are carved in the crib are just the type for creating a positive and lovely vibe to your baby’s room. The colors available are simply amazing. The Old English Walnut one is known to turn heads!

2- Izziwotnot Latitude 5 Piece Nursery Furniture Set (Price:£1,595.00) – available in   The stylish and unique designs these nursery furniture pieces are available in are very versatile. Especially the baby crib! The grey slate fixed at the end of the crib brings in a much needed beauty and elegance in your room. Your nursery will be complete with this 5 pc furniture set which includes wardrobe, drawer chest and under bed drawers. 

3-Savannah Furniture Baby Bedroom Set (Call for price) -available in thebabysroomfurniturestores    Adorn your baby’s nursery with this tasteful baby bedroom set that comprises of a convertible crib, double dresser, night stand and hutch. Suit yourself with their extraordinary colors like White or Onyx with Petal-Pink highlights and finishes. You can either choose their 3-in-1 convertible crib offer or the better one; Lifetime 4-in-1 collection. You can reap benefits like sculpted capitals or beaded moldings. Keep your nursery forever elegant and trendy!

4- Natart Allegra Convertible Crib (Price:$1,148.99) – available in lussobaby   This convertible crib has many features that you can take advantage of once you purchase it. For example the robustness or the beech wood it’s made of or the expensive Italian varnish that brings a vintage a soulful touch to the product. The item is considerably lighter than most cribs which comes very helpful if you move a lot or mostly live in apartments.

5- Silver Cross Nostalgia Baby Bedroom Furniture Set (Price:£1,500.00) – available in pramworld   Probably the finest pick out of this furniture set, the crib has an exquisite antique aura. It is roomy and allows your baby to toss and about freely. You have the full size dresser perfect for stowing away all your baby’s accessories and still have a whole lot of space remaining. On the other hand the wardrobe measuring H180 x W90 x D52cm can be used until your baby grows to a teenager. Pine and Pine veneer are the materials used for this furniture set.

6– Tutti Bambini Lucas 5 Piece Baby Room Set (Price:£1,149) – available in tesco  Purchase this contemporary and vital Baby Room set and you will find yourself supplied with everything you need. This baby set includes a GC35 glider chair if you need a rest, a soft and springy foam mattress, a spacious wardrobe, chest changer and the attractive cot bed. Also your cot has an underbed drawer where you can stow away your baby’s night clothes or diapers if needed.

7- Mamas & Papas Harrow 3 Piece Nursery Set (Price:£799.99) – available in argos     The warm pine color all the furniture pieces in this set come in is extremely calming to the eyes and adds a personal touch to your nursery. You have a big wardrobe consisting of 2 hanging rails, a chest of 3 drawers and a multinational cot you can transform to a junior’s bed once your baby grows up a little. the wardrobe has a height of 168 and a width of 84. While your chest of drawers measures W88 x H96.

8- Natart Chelsea Convertible Baby Bedroom Furniture Set (Price:$2,600) – available in ebay    This versatile furniture set for your baby can be of great use to you for it is unisex. Its grandeur color also proves to be awesome for it can blend in with any decor. These furniture pieces can last for years with you as you can use them for your baby till he’s all grown up. The set is created and crafted very wisely with removable and portable sections so as you can replace and remove as many as you want, whenever you want.

9- Little Wren Nursery Bedroom Set (Price:£1,310) – available in kidsrooms   The enormous Little Wren baby bedroom set is enormous! It has all the things your baby will need until his toddler years are over. You have 1 bookcase, 1 drawer chest w/ changing board, 1 small bookcase, 1 triple wardrobe, 1 medium sized underbed drawer and 1 cot bed. You can personalize this set as much as you want according to your likes and dislikes. You can remove some pieces and replace them after your child outgrows them.

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