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Industrial bar stool in a kitchen loft

Industrial bar stool in a kitchen loft

Industrial wooden bar stool

The industrial style is good for everyone who likes spacious rooms with lots of light and air: industrial bar stools, metal pendulums, standing bars, brick walls are its attributes. High ceilings, painted white, give the room additional volume.

Wooden beams, pipes, roof and supporting pillars must not be hidden: the area is given a typical “factory” look. Loft is a minimalist style, similar to hi-tech. Don’t use a lot of furniture: several industrial bar stools, a bar stand, and a metal work surface with metal cabinets will do. Metal surfaces and tinted glass are welcome.

Therefore, industrial-style bar stools should appear laconic and have metal and wood elements. With loft furniture, the chrome or black design is traditional. Basically, such an area looks restrained, but you can add some original pieces of furniture – neo-modern stools, bright pendants. The kitchen loft is often divided into several zones. Furniture serves as a room divider.

A high bar with industrial bar stools on one side of the unit marks the “boundary” between the “prep” and the dining area. The industrial style uses a lot of wood, brick, metal. The rule is: a minimum of light colors, they are only used as a slight accent. For example, a red apron and bar stool create a nice balance in the kitchen loft. The main principle of the industrial style is the simplicity of shapes, colors and surfaces. This style is great for people who are not afraid to experiment.

industrial bar stool

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