Limestone Fireplace Surround and Its Considerations

Limestone Fireplace Surround and Its Considerations

Marble and limestone surround gas fireplaces

Nowadays special attention is paid to the chimneys and the surroundings of the chimneys. Fireplace surrounds are definitely a great field of activity for creative people. Since the article is devoted to limestone, let’s get down to business. The main advantage of the limestone fireplace surround is that it will blend in perfectly with any type of interior. It’s true! This material is used for clean effects. In addition, it also provides rustic effects that make the living room look cozy and cozy. Such a combination is considered perfect, because even ultra-modern rooms get an unbearable feeling of comfort. This type of edging can either be natural limestone or tile. Whichever variant you choose, the border will not be any less beautiful. It will surely attract everyone’s attention and create a nice atmosphere in the room.

How to clean a limestone fireplace surround

Today, if every detail is taken care of, the limestone fireplace surround is a perfect solution to accentuate the neat look of the room. It really helps you get wonderful results that will bring you pleasure for a long time. It should also be mentioned that limestone is a material that goes with any design, which is why it is possible to use limestone ideas in different decors. Another special feature is that you can choose the color of the limestone edging. In all honesty, it would be better to have a very soft and comfortable color that will help you relax and create a very gentle atmosphere.

Marble and limestone surrounds electric fires

But the color palette is so vast that you can find and choose any color that suits you and the color gamut of your living room. Either way, your goal is to make it an internal part of the fireplace that looks together as a unit. The fireplace surround can also be whitewashed. Plus, risking the surround appeal has never been easier. If you can stand the boring gray you loved a few years ago, then you can try a different color. Just paint your surroundings and nothing more! When it comes to furnishing and design, you should keep in mind that everything should look right and that too much is not a good decision.

But for all its advantages, there is a problem. Honestly, it’s a bit of a problem cleaning limestone environments. Compared to limestone, marble, for example, is very easy to clean. In order for the limestone edging to keep its neat look, you need to properly care for it. Don’t wipe it too roughly.

Limestone fireplace

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