Monday , 17 June 2024
Make Portable Carports for our Home and Car Protection

Make Portable Carports for our Home and Car Protection

The home environment is designed to accommodate all that is needed to make life a comfort. Our automobile properties such as the cars have a storage location as well. The carport is such provision in the home for this. It is designed such that it gives a minimum protection needed for your car. Though not total covering, it nonetheless protects from elements of weather. No matter the home size and compound, portable carports design can be made to serve your vehicles’ protection.

Design styles of carports: Carports have two forms of design patterns. You can have a design that stands alone or make one that is attached to the building. Generally, carports are designed to not have four walls or if there is at all, it may be one or two walls. It is often open at the sides to provide more ventilation for cars.

How a carport differs from a garage: A carport though similar to a garage, it is much different to a garage. A garage gives maximum protection by having all four walls built to give full protection for your car against the elements. A garage usually has a lock-up mechanism, unlike a carport.

Portability of carports: Carports are often portable since you merely need to have a top roof cover majorly. Portable carports can have smaller size designs. This can be measured in terms of the height, width and length parameters. You can have a portable carport measuring 10 x 10 or 10 x 20 x 8 inches dimensions.

You can also have a custom design of your own that best suits your storage needs. Have in mind that a carport may not necessarily take the place of your garage. As a matter of fact, both can exist simultaneously in the same compound. Some home designs are seen to incorporate a carport directly in front of their garage. This can be for a reason that the homeowner has more than a car to keep. Having portable carports would therefore, be the solution to having more than a car in the compound.

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