Novel Ideas of Corner Wardrobe
  for Your Room

Novel Ideas of Corner Wardrobe for Your Room

There has not been a space saving and practical idea better than a corner wardrobe for your room. Keeping your room spacious is the major concern of every home dweller provided it does not clash with practicality. With corner wardrobes in your bedroom you have ample storage to keep organized and enjoy good space in your room at the same time. Devoting a full corner of your room to the wardrobe depends on your needs of storage. The more storage you need the more space you give your wardrobe on the both sides.  The ends of corner wardrobe is spreading fast and it is never too late for you to plan a wardrobe in each room even if your house is old. Here are some amazing styles and designs which can help you choose one for your home:

Corner sectional wooden wardrobe design by  Molteni Design Team via archiproducts  The tastefully colored corner wardrobe will not just add an edge to your bedroom. You have 6 different types of door panels you can choose from so as to customize your magical corner wardrobe. Each of them is so effortlessly beautiful it will make your bedroom look completely new and perfectly attractive.

Rauch Furniture Samos Single Door Corner Wardrobe – available in furnituredirectuk Crafted and styled in Germany this corner wardrobe has a single door to open and close and 4 spacious storage shelves that you can stack on your folded clothes neatly and in an organized manner. The wardrobe door is polished a brilliant shade of white that pops so fantastically it will steal your heart.

When you come to order this awesome corner wardrobe the store gives you a slew of options that you can use to customize it. From the height option to the shelf option and the drawer option everything about the wardrobe will be your work and choice. Your wardrobe and in your room!

Genoa Oak Effect 2 Door German Corner Wardrobe – available in furniturefactor Another beautiful German work of art this 2 door wardrobe is the ticket to the greatness and grandeur or your room. You can acquire this wardrobe in a contemporary Oak look according to the style and design of your bedroom. Then again Oak literally goes with every and any bedroom color.

German Made Light Oak & Mirrored Corner Wardrobe by freedomhomestore – available ebay You can just look at this wardrobe and feel the excitement mount in your heart for the sheer possibility of how it will look like in your very bedroom. The wardrobe has a flat pack, mirrors, a hanging rail, many big drawers and glass doors. All of this awesomeness in one place, one can’t resist having his heart race from excitement.

Angled Sliding Corner Wardrobe(5 doors £2079.00) – available in tidybedrooms Everything that comes with sliding doors is labelled as over the top or old fashioned. But not this wardrobe! The brilliant mix of colors along with the classy sliding door effect is just about enough to make you fish out your credit card instantaneously. With a finish of silver aluminium you would love to have this walnut colored corner wardrobe in your room.

Harvard 2 Door Corner Wardrobe(£459) – available in forrestfurnishing You have an adjustable hanging rail a single shelf and 2 big doors coming with this wardrobe. Not to mention you also have a choice selection of finishes that will be applied to you wardrobe. Some worthy of mentioning are Graphite, Alpine White and Sanremo Oak. All which will definitely look very appealing in your bedroom.

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