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Some bedroom ideas -furnishing and decorating

Some bedroom ideas -furnishing and decorating

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Different bedroom ideas, such as furnishing a very small, rectangular or an ordinary guest room or bedroom, will help you make your home a place you will enjoy being, as you not only “see” its beauty and comfort, but also “feel” ”his mind. First select the room style.

When you pick up your home, look out for country-style furnishing ideas. Your country style bedroom accessories, curtains, mirrors, carpets should give this room a cozy look. Never make your bedroom sunny – think about what kind of window treatment it is better to choose. This house place is for sleeping and relaxing – avoid overly aggressive hues – red should be excluded. Orange and yellow are not recommended.

If you choose to do bedroom art in stores or decorate the room with your handcrafted works, think about the idea that each work of art carries within it. Never hang paintings with pictures of war, disaster, modern art with strange pictures on the wall. Put warm carpets on the floor – you will be happy to touch a soft surface with your feet. Art bedroom expressions should convey love, peace, and relaxation. Choose darker, but not somber shades when purchasing furniture and decorations for this room. Decorate a bedroom door with some DIY work, pin drawings of your children, some inspirational mottos. Avoid pungent smells and use the scent of lavender essential oil to help you rest better and sleep better.

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