Some practical bathroom storage cabinets ideas

Some practical bathroom storage cabinets ideas

Bathroom cabinets storage units

Even the smallest bathroom needs bathroom cabinets to store a variety of cosmetics and many bathroom accessories, bed linen and towels, bathrobes, detergents and much more. In the meantime, if this space is too small, bulky storage cabinets look ridiculous there and glue the space up.

Different shelves, racks, cupboards and chests look more elegant there and do not take up the entire space. Arrange the desired cosmetics neatly there, distribute towels and place your favorite perfume. If the bathroom isn’t very spacious, use bathroom wall cabinets. You won’t clutter the space. A closet with glass or mirror doors is the most desirable material in modern bathrooms.

It is big enough to place the necessary cosmetic and hygiene products there. Very often designers offer not to use floor-standing storage rooms, but instead suggest another variant to homeowners: assembling the stuff almost under the ceiling. If the bathroom is of average size, a washing machine can be placed under these wall units. If the area of ​​the bathroom is large enough to store large things, use a wooden ladder, vintage cabinets, stylish shelves, and various baskets.

Large baskets can be placed on cabinets. There you can store clean bed linen and towels. The larger basket can be used for laundry: put it in the washing machine. You can also mount self-made floating shelves between the wall cabinets. Some homeowners use multiple square wicker baskets that make stylish DIY closets.

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