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Some simple beautiful patio decor ideas

Some simple beautiful patio decor ideas

Terrace decoration with plants
Patio is the place where not only your body but also your mind rests, and you should surround you with the most pleasant patio decorations, beautiful plants and fantastic flowers. All the things you like the most can become a decoration for this place. Here are the most original variations and ideas to steal.

  • A really new idea is to hang Chinese lanterns on your patio. Buy a couple of lanterns of different sizes and colors and hang them right above the dining area. Spending the night in a courtyard lit by the enchanting light of these magic lanterns will give you a romantic mood.
  • Decorate your terrace with curtains and blinds. It is very important that their color matches the rest of the textiles on the terrace.
  • Hanging flower pots – use them. Such pots will look great on the fence. Paint the pots in different colors and plant the simplest plants. Use decorative planters for flowers.
  • Use a fashionable, bold combination of colors. Try combining yellow, pink, turquoise, aquamarine, and yellow sorbet. Another idea for decorating the terrace is to choose a white background for the most fashionable colors: coral, watermelon, lemon, carrot, paint, royal blue. Muted pastel tones such as light purple, light pink, light green, beige, blue always look good in combination with and without flowers.
  • Use ethnic decor: Arabic or Moroccan lamps, Japanese minimalist square flower pots or a pillow with traditional French decor – thin double stripes create a unique atmosphere.

patio decorating ideas