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Steps you can use to refinish
  your round dining table

Steps you can use to refinish your round dining table

Did you know that your round dining table can age gracefully if it is well protected and used accordingly? Your round dining table can have unwanted scratches, chips or it can be faded after a couple of years but if you use the following steps, you can comfortably refinish your round ding able and give it a glamorous look.

Requirements: Before working on your round dining table, you will need the following items; sand papers, wood stain, brushes, mineral spirits, safety gear, a rag and a vacuum cleaner.

In order to make work easier, you willed a comfortable work area like an open place or your spacious garage. Using sandpaper sand away the existing fish on your round dining table r you can use a sealer to quickly get rid of fading paint.

Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the sanding dust from our dining table then dip a rug in any mineral spirit and rub across the dining table to remove all the sanding dust. Make sure that you fill any gouges or scratches using woody patty or any other suitable product and allow the putty to dry for a couple of minutes.

Use a foam brush to apply a wood stain of your choice all over the round dining table, allow it to penetrate into the wood before wiping away excess wood stain. Apply a coat of your sealer to the round dining table and allow it to dry; the main function of the sealer is to protect the wood and improving the overall appearance of the dining table.

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