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Use Bluestone Pavers for your Garden Pathway

Use Bluestone Pavers for your Garden Pathway

Bluestone pavers can be used for a variety of things. They can be used for flooring, wall caps, veneers, steps, treads and a lot more. Since they are so versatile you can find them in a lot of commercial establishments, public buildings and residential homes. You can have them indoors or outdoors in places that are wet most of the time like kitchen, walkaways, pool areas, steps and bathrooms.

Bluestone Pavers with Different Finishes

Bluestone pavers are available with different finishes and hence are used by property owners and contractors in their line of work. One is Natural cleft finish, which is perfect for areas that require a more natural look. In this form it does not have an uniform texture.

Another of the bluestone finishes is thermal. Bluestones with thermal finish are used in patio, decks, driveways and walkways. Here the surface becomes slip resistant and this is done by treating the paver unit with heat till a rough groove is found. Bluestone pavers are found in different colours but each one is unique in itself.

How Thermaled Bluestone is used in different surfaces?

Thermaled bluestone is cut like a loaf each slice being the same size as the other. The sawing process requires applying a flame to the surface. This makes certain that the surface is non-slip. Bluestone pavers which have a thermal finish have a surface that is uniform and is used in places like outdoor pool decks as the surface has strong traction when it is wet. Bluestone is ideal in modern as well as traditional setting.

It is known for its natural beauty and durability. It is user friendly and an economical choice when paving your garden path.

Why Bluestone is considered the best landscaping stone created by Nature?

Bluestone is known for its quality and unique finish. It is a natural stone which is known for its durability and can withstand any harsh climate and freezing. It is used indoors for countertops, fireplaces and flooring. Thermaling is done to get a uniform surface as it controls thickness. This helps in easy installation and decreases trip hazards.

Those interested in using bluestone for flooring or paving can check on the different colours and get one that meets their needs.

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