Versatile and beautiful cherry kitchen cabinets

Versatile and beautiful cherry kitchen cabinets

Cherry kitchen cabinets with white island
When you choose cherry kitchen cabinets, you are buying furniture that will look better over time. The unique quality of this hardwood – to get darker over time – gives kitchen cabinets made of cherry a very attractive appearance. The color of the new cherry wood varies from yellow to golden brown, but becomes darker and reddish over time. Each type of wood has its advantages, but cherry is the best option in terms of price-material-quality ratio. This wood is very durable, but flexible.

These properties make the material a perfect material for bending and polishing. It is precisely this flexibility of hardwood that Holzmeister enjoys working with cherry and producing furniture that is complemented by a variety of carvings, rounded shapes, stained glass and decors. A cherry kitchen cabinet in the interior looks very elegant. The beauty of the wood decors that are visible on the cherry surface give the furniture a special charm. Cherry is not as hard as beech, oak or ash.

The solid cherry wood stuff doesn’t like fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Therefore, when placing cherry wood cabinets in the kitchen, choose the room far away from the windows and away from direct sunlight. Cabinets made of such a material are very durable, but you should be careful when washing them. Never use detergents and brushes with abrasive particles. To clean such a device, take a soft cloth and a special wax-based detergent. Cherry is very beautiful and with the ability to change its color and plastic structure, Holzmeister makes it possible to create beautiful cabinets for the home.

kitchen cabinets made of cherry

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