Monday , 17 June 2024
New Fashion Of Decoration: The Wicker Furniture

New Fashion Of Decoration: The Wicker Furniture

Decorate your home with the latest fashion. You don’t need any interior decorator to decorate your home. Whatever you need to decorate your house that is your artistic view. There are so many way of fashionable decoration by which you can make your house more attractive than anyother else.

Furniture is one of the best decorateing items, so choose some best and unique furniturs to decorate your home sweet home. Nowadays the latest fashion of decoration is the wicker furniture. Before you know the more details of this furniture you need to know about the wicker furniture. I am giving the details below.. Hope it will help you.

What is Wicker? Wicker nothing else, it is a general term for accents not a specific material, it is a woven furniture. This term is used for any woven item, from synthetic to natural hard fibers like bamboo, rattan, seagrass, cane, kubu & so on.

Rattan : For using the primary material to create wicker is rattan ‘vain’. Some species grows almost or more than 300 feet in length. Wicker furnitur’s production material often utilizes from the entire plant, such as core, pole, peel and all.

Cane : Cane is the outer part of rattan. When the peel is removed and cut into small strips, that material is called Cane. This Rattan cane is used for weaving chair seats. The best part of this Cane is, it has a natural glossy fish and doesn’t accept paint.

Kubu : Rattan cane can be packed in wet clay, is known as Kubu because of its soft ashen color. It is exceptionally strong and really admired by the furniture lovers for its awesome dusky shade.

Reed : Reed is the flexible and a thin material which you can easily find in the Ratten core & usually used for the busket weaving. For wicker furniture its play a role as an ornamental element. Also it can easily accept the stain and paint because it hasn’t any natural finish.

Bamboo : Mostly everyone mistake it by resemble bamboo with ratten. But ratten is a solid one & bamboo has a hollow core.

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