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Wood Outdoor Furniture for
  Your Trendy Home Patio

Wood Outdoor Furniture for Your Trendy Home Patio

Finding a chance to sit out in the open air and enjoy the fresh air and lovely weather is a chance every homeowner loves to have. Whether you are exhausted after a whole day’s job or you like to enjoy some refreshing moments with family or friends, your home patio or balcony is the best place to arrange a seating there. Warm sun in winter and cool air in summer are two advantages of weather never to be missed. Grabbing a cup of tea or a glass of fresh juice and staying out in the evening is a luxury to look for. You may have experienced the everlasting joy of the few moments that you spend out among oxygen releasing trees and plants. For making your seating comfy and relaxing you need to choose wood outdoor furniture with some special features. Wood being natural material, offers the top best option in furniture. The designs and styles that you can find in wood outdoor furniture are also fantastic and complimenting your garden environment. Check here a few collections of outdoor furniture and make a choice for your home:

Viareggio Garden 7 Piece Dining Set– available in allmodern: Having dinner outside offers a different taste of the food to the dinners. With this 7 piece dining set you can double the joy of eating in the open air by inviting friends and relatives. The wood slat surface is a plus feature as it keeps the top looking new and appealing all the times. Strong and comfortable, this dining set is just right for your patio or balcony.

Mid-Century Bistro Table – Auburn – available in westelm: For your small needs this Bistro Table and a coupe of chairs are ideal. The table offers a selective style and makes a perfect center table for two. Best sculpted and smooth surfaced, this Bistro Table has versatile uses.  You can enjoy evening tea on it or place your book and copy while making notes outside; a practical item for every home!

Adirondack Chair & Umbrella: This multi color wood outdoor furniture is getting popular fast. Offering eye-catching lovely colors, these Adirondack chairs and umbrella are smart and chic for any modern home garden. Kids would love it and you can trust the product as it is weather resistant and durable.

ÄPPLARÖ SERIES Solid wood furniture- Reclining chair($55), Bench($125), Chair($55), Table and 4 folding chairs($219) – available in ikea

A unique wood outdoor furniture like this is irresistible. With multi-style seating options, it is functional for all the family members. Though, the collection looks delicate but it is made of solid wood and is sturdy enough ti stand your prolonged use. With its dark color, your outdoor area looks graceful.

Chatham Buffet ($999) – available in potterybarn

Interested in buffet style dining? This is the right piece of furniture for your patio. With slated surface and cabinet doors, and adjustable shelves, you can be at ease while serving the food and dining. Made of solid mahogany and eucalyptuses this can endure time tests.

Wood Porch Swing by Hershy Way ($179) – available in wayfair

This lovely Porch Swing is equally loved by kids and adults. Crafted with care and skill, this has smooth surface and strong chains to offer safe swinging for more than one person. Cool summer evenings and golden autumn days are best enjoyed in the garden if you have this swing.

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