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FRONT PORCH DESIGNS: When one is able to match the design of his porch with the design of his home, he has been able to harmonize both designs to bring out an output of beauty. The beauty of a porch is an addition to the look of a home. When a porch is beautiful, it goes a long way in determining how the home would look like. Generally when the outer part of a home is beautiful, there is the guarantee that the inner part might be beautiful as well.

 ATTRIBUTES OF A FRONT PORCH DESIGN: Lovely front porch designs are meant to have 3 basic attributes. They include:

  1. Architectural compatibility
  2. Functionality
  3. Overall appeal.

The functionality of a porch should be a vital part of its design. Hence regardless of the size of a porch, the porch should be functional and must combine its basic purpose of offering refuge from weather and also creating space for relaxing and entertaining.

One could also have a shelf or cupboard for holding things while he wants to unlock the door at the front of the home. In designing a porch, one should have it in mind that a porch should exude charm and warmth. The porch becomes a continuation of a person’s style and personality and is also the first thing guests would see when they visit the house.

When one understands the various components of a porch and how it complements the beauty of a home, it would aid a person when he his designing his porch. One has to make use of the perfect décor which would fit the porch. Décor like railings, porch lighting, furniture, landscaping, column etc are a few factors that one has to incorporate when designing his front porch.

CONCLUSION: Ordinarily, one could just hire the service of a professional porch designer to design his porch. This could be quite expensive and more so, designing a porch is something one can do himself. When one wants to design his front porch, he could just follow some ideas which he could get on the internet and blend them with his own personal taste. By doing this, he would be able to have his front porch perfectly designed.

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