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The choice and installation of basement lighting

The choice and installation of basement lighting

Basement window lighting
The selection and installation of basement lighting is an issue that requires special attention. Due to the fact that this room has certain characteristics that should be taken into account when organizing electrical work, the wiring should be done professionally. Do not try to save on quality lighting fixtures, safety devices and emergency stops, reliable wiring and wiring. In addition, there may be additional costs if you need external wiring, switches, and sockets.

When installing lighting for the basement, safety must come first. Don’t think about profitability: according to statistics, one fifth of private house fires are caused by problems with cabling in the basement. It is important to choose the right basement lighting. The safety of the building and the quality of the lighting in general depend on which day you choose a particular type of lighting. Lamps for lighting the basement should have good protection from moisture. Cellar installations must meet the following requirements: durability, adequate protection against moisture, security.

All lamps must be corrosion resistant. Do not use unprotected lightbulbs, as they can quickly burn out when wet, which can potentially lead to a short circuit. Only high-quality materials that can withstand moisture and biological influences should be used for the design of the lighting in your basement. If you are going to leave the house for long periods of time, turn off all lights.

installation of the basement lighting

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