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DIY Chandeliers – An Idea so
  Bright for Your Home

DIY Chandeliers – An Idea so Bright for Your Home

That lovely illuminating chandelier in the center of your bedroom is the loveliest item in the whole environment. There are many things around to adore but does anything hold the significance like that silvery light spreading chandelier?

No, there is nothing like the chandelier because it is a creation of yours and an idea that took a real shape from simple old bottles that would not have attracted the attention of anyone around if you had disposed them. But creativity that knows no end, can find amazing ideas to make your life more interesting, beautiful and amazing. You have made the best use of your innovation and so can anyone else.

Creating wonders out of things that seem to be useless is a great art. Empty plastic bottles, tins, paper, twigs and branches etc never look to be a suitable material to make chandeliers but you can make attractive and decorative DIY chandeliers for your home. You only need a few common tools that are mostly available at every home. Material can be collected in a short while once you plan and decide a certain chandelier for your bedroom or living room.

Beads, whether plastic or glass, make a great material for a chandelier. Choose multicolor beads and string them in pieces of strings of equal length. Designs of beads chandeliers are numerous. Big or small, any chandelier with beads can be classy.  You may need some metal rod to make the base and that is easy to find. Look for more ideas online but to make something that turns the eyes your creation has to be unique.

Empty jars of jam and pickle also make an excellent material for a DIY chandelier. Collect a dozen of jars and wash them well to make the glass shine. Get some electric bulbs and go ahead with any formation that your creativity imagines. Keep the joints strong so that the gravity-pull does not dismantle your chandelier.

Little objects that reflect light are the perfect choice for making a DIY chandelier. But you may have seen many objects that light passes through them and changes color like plastic or cloth. These also make a great material for DIY chandeliers. Choosing light fabric with shinning colors can improve the light and illumination becomes brighter. Designs and sizes are your choices. For your living room you can keep the size big but for your bedroom moderate size DIY chandelier would be the best option.

With a collection of bulbs and unlimited ideas you can make several DIY chandeliers. They are cheaper and give you an immense sense of pleasure when you see them illuminating your home. Replacing them with a new design at every important occasion at home is easy and keeps for you the door or versatility open!

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