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Setup a Backyard Garden

Setup a Backyard Garden

A backyard garden is a good idea to have a wealth of fresh vegetables which are rich in vitamins and nutrition to accompany every meal. If you have place in your backyard have a fence to prevent animals from around entering into your backyard and destroying your vegetables. Having a garden in your backyard is a good opportunity for the whole family to contribute to growing some vegetables.

The Benefits of having a Backyard Garden

When there is a backyard garden it becomes a good recreation for all the members of the family to try their hand at gardening when they are free. This also helps the children to learn the cycles of growth of vegetables. Unnecessary expenditure of getting vegetables from vendors is curbed when vegetables are grown at home.

When vegetables are grown at home there is no effect of the environment on warehousing and transportation. Preparing meals becomes more personalized with vegetables from your garden. The family can learn the different weather cycles which will provide the children with lasting memories.

Ways for Maintaining Garden

When you decide to have a backyard garden, it should be planned to provide you with enough vegetables without wasting too much of time to take care of it. These should be grown using organic manure which requires little maintenance. Vegetables grown using organic manure are good for health.

The size of the backyard garden depends on the available space in the backyard which you can use to grow your vegetables. The space should be at least 100 sq. ft. to provide enough vegetable for a family of four.

How to get the Best yield

Every gardener who is seasoned knows that everything about gardening depends on the soil. The soil should be well prepared before planting. Once the soil is prepared a major portion of the work is over. Then it is time to prepare the beds and grow the seeds. This has to be followed by regular watering to help the seeds to sprout forth.

A space of around 22” is required between the beds to move about with a wheel barrow to take mud and manure for the plants.

If you are deciding to have a backyard garden read through the tips and follow the procedure  for growing fresh vegetables for your household.

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