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Types of deck lights

Types of deck lights

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, then you know the importance of the deck lights. Not only do they provide lighting, but they enhance your outdoor appearance. There are different types of these lights that you can choose from. Each and every design will provide a different effect to your outdoor space. It is therefore important for you to consider the deck design.

The different types include;

  1. The recessed lights

These are the type of deck lights that are installed at a lower space and they generate lights upwards. You can install the lighting in various places in the house including; deck floors, paver and also the seating areas. The idea is for you to install in a place where they will illuminate much light. These lights vary when it comes to the size and style.

The pros and cons of these lights


  • They illuminate only
  • They are great for low ceilings
  • They are perennial; they never go out of style


  • They only cover a small area you therefore need many of them to light up the entire deck
  • You can’t insulate them
  1. Accent lights

Unlike the recessed, these lights illuminate the light downwards. They are will light a great area. However, they come in handy when you want to highlight a certain area in the deck like a tree or a statue. You can still use them as decorations if you buy the colored bulbs.

The benefits

  • The different designs will help you enhance the beauty of your landscape
  • They provide safety and security
  • Helps you to enhance the appearance of the different areas like the pool or fountain.
  1. Solar lights

Enhance the beauty in your deck with these solar deck lights. They are available in different designs that you can choose from. They come with a small solar panel.

The benefits

  • They are powered by the sun
  • They do not require wiring and therefore they are easy to install
  • They are cost effective compared to the rest of the lighting designs.

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