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Wood Decks to Relax in Style

When you decide to have wood decks, there are three types of wood that is popularly used. That  is cedar, redwood and wood that is pressure treated and may come from different species of wood. It is very difficult to make the choice of the perfect wood for the deck. They also have composite decking which is also treated for rot. The Different types of wood mentioned above has joist spacing which is 16 inches which is ideal for providing proper support. All this wood can be cut and fastened using normal tools.

What are decks made of? Most of the wood decks are made of pressure treated lumber with steel beams for support. The actual deck is the part that we walk on and can be made of PVC and wood or a composite material which is a combination of wood fibres and plastic. Redwood and Cedar are resistant to rotting but composite wood has to be treated for rotting. Redwood is quite expensive and requires sealing when it is used and the sealer has to be reapplied after time. It is quite a stable material for decks and does not warp. It contains hardly any resins and maintains a good finish.

The Benefits of Pressure Treated Lumber for Decks: Pressure treated lumber is treated for rot and insects. It is affordable compared to redwood or cedar and is popularly used for decks. Support system for decks is usually made of this material and is not visible but strong enough to provide support to the deck. This wood that is available at low prices can be unstable. There is also problem of warping, shrinking and twisting when you use low quality woods. It is better to get quality lumber that is treated at the mills with water repellents and is also pre-stained.

Cedar Wood for Decks: This wood has been used for decks for generations. It is a little soft and .is good for the balustrades, privacy fencing as well as structures like planters and pergolas,. It is naturally resistant to insects and rot. It is not an environment friendly option as rainforests are in danger of being destroyed. If you want to set up a wood deck use pressure treated wood, which is treated for rot and insects.

Make the Right Choice for your Deck Railing Designs

A deck is made of many parts to make the complete aesthetic design style for the home. The railing of the deck is one noticeable part of a deck. A deck railing is a barrier around your deck design serving as a support as well as a guide against falling off the deck. It is an addition to the beautification of the deck.

The composition of a deck railing and the material of design: A deck railing design is composed of a number evenly ordered rods of equal lengths and pattern; they are supported at intervals with balusters also in serial arrangement.

The material of design for deck railing varies accordingly. You have the designs from glass, metal, vinyl, composite and cable railings. All these materials present their own uniqueness in quality and properties. Generally, all the railings have a similar pattern of design.

There are gaps in between each rod arrangements. Either it is metal or vinyl, they all form similar finish. Glass railing is just glass all through but have balusters attached at interval of distances to run through the railings.

What determines your choice of style? In choosing a railing system for your deck, you will need to put your home style and that of the deck into consideration. Let there be a good blend of the patterns so as to give a good looking finish. Metals are sleek and are minimal in nature. Glass is clear and classy. You can have railings on some aspects of your deck if you want that constructed. The staircase, for example, has railing construction along to aid climbing.

Maintenance needs of the railing system is important for your choice: The maintenance of your railing system is very important. You want to choose a railing system you can maintain easily. Glass is always easy to maintain. Cleaning with a damp cloth is about all that is needed to keep the shine as new always. Others may require staining and polishing.

Whatever you choose for your railing design, durability factors should be a determining point in your choice of any deck railing designs.

Garden Decking Ideas and How to Maintain Them

Nothing beats an evening outside, surrounded by beautiful outdoor lights and sparkling stars that brighten the night sky. All of these grandiose beauties and the picturesque garden landscapes and all there is you can have right in your garden are a breath of fresh air, breathtaking, and relaxing after a strenuous day from working all day. The luxury of relaxation that the home can provide you is immensely overwhelming and incomparable.

A Relaxing and a Soothing Evening in the Garden Decks: Homeowners definitely enjoy such a relaxing and a soothing evening through their decks. This is why having a deck in your garden is a great home improvement idea to enhance the look of your dainty home.

The garden and all kinds of backyard decks let the homeowners and their special guests get access to the tranquility and the coziness that private garden setting brings. Backyard decks and gardens don’t only utilize an unused space on your property, but as well as provide an addition to the total gorgeous appeal of your property that makes life more worth living.

Great Ideas of Garden Deck Functions: Garden decks exude perfectly ideal locations for a random informal dinner or an evening drink with your friends. They are also perfect spots for a little afternoon tea and chitchat with your friends. This kind of idea makes your time and money all worthwhile. Garden decking ideas are great investments for all homeowners, especially those who have extensive property spaces.

If you are planning on investing a backyard space, garden decking ideas would be an ideal choice. Building a deck that is connected directly to your home or a freestanding one is a great idea. The garden decks require a little less planning compared to the freestanding decks. However, decks that are attached to the house need intricate design and style to create a beautiful blend.

Keeping the Decks Beautiful: Nevertheless, the construction of the garden deck ideas is the first step of a grandeur backyard space. Maintaining its beauty for years to come and usage is the long-term step that you have to deal with. If homeowners used wood for their decks, they must employ wood preservatives to provide protection to the timber from the external elements. Painting and maintaining the garden decks every year would surely keep the quality of your decks.

Choosing the decking tiles

When it comes to choosing the decking tiles, you need to think about the durability and the long term effect. There are different factors that you need to consider when you are choosing the deck tile and they include;

  1. Types of the tiles

They differ when it comes to material, size and shape. The different materials include;

  • Composite decking; they are durable and cost effective. The composite decks come two types the high-performance and earth early-generation. They all have different pros and cons

The high-performance


  • They are resistant to mold, stains and fading
  • They are earthly friendly; they are made from natural components
  • They are low maintenance; all you will need is water and soap to clean the decks
  • They have a natural color


  • They are costly when it comes to installation

Early generation


  • They don’t rot
  • They are durable
  • They are also earthly-friendly


  • They are prone to molds
  • The decking tiles that are prone to scratching
  • They need high maintenance
  • They can stain and also fade
  • Vinyl; even though they are not made of wood, they do have a great appearance. They have been made of plastic and therefore they are durable. They do not have any organic content and require low maintenance.


  • They are mold resistant
  • They are also anti-scratch and stain resistant
  • They give your deck a finished look without even painting
  • Low maintenance


  • Because they are made of plastics, they are not earth friendly
  • They are costly when it comes to installation
  • They are squeaky
  • Timber; they are quite affordable and they are also easy to maintain


  • It requires painting to keep it from staining and greying
  • They are toxic because of the chemicals used
  1. The installation

You need to choose the deck tiles that are easy to install. This way you will be able to install it yourself.

  1. The maintenance

You need to pay attention to the cost of maintaining and replacing the deck tiles

Be Creative by making out your own Custom Deck through decking ideas

Making your deck as beautiful and as personalized as much as you want it is what makes a creative design of you. Though decking may have conventional standard designs, your deck can have that extra touch and addition to make it a cool spot you so desire. Let’s explore some creativity you can add to your decking to make it that special place you’ll always want to spend time in.

Give it a fireplace: Fireplace is now trending in the outdoor life since outdoor engagement is growing strong with many homeowners. Your deck can take a new look with a fireplace addition. Yes, the outdoor fire pit can make a lot of difference in your decking design. This can apart from keeping warm, serve as a focal point for users as well.

Raise it high with staircase design: Though decks are generally raised, you raise it higher still with steps attached. Decks at the backyard often have this kind of design. The staircase with fully designed rail attachment is a great design idea for a deck construction.

Detach your deck from the building: This can be one of the coolest decking ideas. A separate deck is unique in its look. You can make it just minimal like that of a patio with components such as the umbrellas, the seats, and flowers to decorate it beautifully.

Make your deck into a garden form: This is yet another coolest of decking ideas. Gardens are beautiful. You can combine the features of a garden into your decking ideas that way. It’s like having your deck sit within the garden. You have the pleasures of the flowers, the greenery and colorful designs all around for you to adore.

What about having an outdoor kitchen for your deck? How about that? A kitchen outdoors can be a new way to go about your deck and making it as another home within your home. You can do those minor meals out there in the open. This is just carnival-like and it’s beautiful to behold.

Get a Long Lasting Value for your Decking by using Bamboo Decking

Decking is one adorable way of keeping the home especially outdoor area styled and attractive. If you want your patio looking classy, having it decked will sure add spice to its look.

The traditional decking material before now has been of wood. But in contemporary times, the upcoming of bamboo decking has given a very strong challenge for the material of choice. Bamboo, that’s right! Bamboo is widely used today.

I guess you are wondering the look of the bamboo plant and how it would fit into making such flooring demand. Yes, it is. In fact, it will amaze you how bamboo has an edge when it comes to comparing with wood.

The lifespan of bamboo: This high and fast growing plant matures for harvesting within four years after planting. And when made into the usable form, it can last for an upward of twenty years. Twenty years warranty! That is great to know. Bamboos are very durable in this regard and would make a great decking material. So, consider bamboo decking next time for your decking.

Types of bamboo for consideration: Bamboo can be put into two forms, which are the solid laminated form and the strand woven form. They are suited to cater for the indoor and outdoor decking.

The solid laminated form is meant for the outdoor decking. This is so because of the lamination applied. Usually, long lengths of bamboo chips are glued under high pressure to give a strong looking finish to withstand heat and moist conditions.

The strand woven is made of smaller chips and can’t stand the harshness like its counterpart. Bamboo is beautiful when finished. The look on the ground adds a natural feel to your home appearance.

Advantages and disadvantages of bamboo

Bamboo is preferred over wood for the followings:

  • It is cheaper and harder than hardwood!
  • It has high decay resistant and insect attack
  • It is more durable compared to wood and environmentally friendly too

The disadvantages:

  • Maintenance is high due to specialized oil needed
  • It is not well suited for rainy climates

Making Deck Covers for your Decks will just be great

Increase in Life outdoors: The outdoor life is growing faster than we can ever imagine. The various of outdoor treats we get from the porch, the patio and the deck are all living testimonials to these increasing trends. The searchlight is now beaming on the use of deck for outdoor living.

When talking of deck covers, we are referring to the roof aspect. Decks covers are mere shades built on a deck to provide a covering most probably against elements of weather like rain and sunlight. This can be done with a mix of wood and metal materials.

Why deck covers? To add more functionality, increase the aesthetic design of the home and also make more functionality in the use of decks for protection against the elements, the deck roofs built to meet the need. Why would a deck cover come in at this time and why so much attention?

If we may answer this question, I will say the use of deck is demanding more time from us and they are gradually replacing the comfort we often have in the living room. Could it be the additional beauty of nature that is responsible? Well, that may be a good reason. Decks are no doubt a place to be for the evenings in particular after work. Deck covers come in to protect and keep us more comfortable.

What you take away from using deck covers: The natural feel and outdoor serenity are a great reason decks are growing in popularity as an outdoor place of choice. Decks are well positioned compared to a patio to take more attention in the way it is designed. It is like a room of its own even when open.

Deck covers encourage more time on the deck. With a cover on your deck, you can have couches in fabrics installed. This can be a place to host visitors and friends. When you have your deck covered, it is an additional beauty on one hand and an increase in value on the other if you have the intention of putting it for sale.

Use Deck Balusters that fit your Decking well

Decks are beautiful in our home entrances. A home comes more beautiful with decking. If you love the outdoor life, decking cannot be strange to you in any way.

What components of your decking are you familiar with? We are aware of the flooring and the material employed in the construction and we can say something about covered decks for prevention against the elements of weather. But balusters are hardly mentioned as a name. Perhaps, we only know them as pillars! That’s right. They are indeed pillars but called balusters.

What balusters are in decking designs: A decking construction is not completed without a baluster finish. A baluster is the tube-like supporting pillars in series of numbers around the deck railings serving as a support both for the deck and for people to hold on to or lean on.

In staircases, balusters are often a common part supporting the railing of the stairway to prevent people from falling off when climbing. Decking balusters are usually in shapes of rectangle, square, and some curvy looking forms.

Styles of balusters: You may want to personalize your baluster design. This is achievable with the different style variants in sizes, colors, and finishes. Manufacturers offer various style of the product for sale. Some styles offered include the composite, aluminum, and the glass make.

They are shaped to take different forms like twist, arc, square and ellipse. They can be traditional or classical in design. There are adaptors, accessories and connectors to install the material on your deck to fit properly.

Material of design of balusters: Balusters are made of materials that are mostly of similar nature like the other parts of the deck itself. Some of the common materials of design are polymer stone, cast iron, plaster, polyurethane, hardwoods and even softwoods.

These are pivotal parts of a deck design not just in its beautification but their functionality of support is of paramount importance to the design features. Balusters may not be a different addition to a deck but may be made of different materials. The maintenance given to other parts of the deck are also applicable to the deck balusters.


The most viable solution to safeguard your deck from the sun rays and harmful weather conditions is integration of a deck canopy. These kinds of canopy covers will enable you and the family members to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about too much exposure of the sun.

Usually the deck canopies are constructed using metal and aluminum supports but they are also made using vinyl, fabric or canvas. Most of the time these canopies are fixed and cannot be retracted as they are fixed but you can also get retractable deck outdoor canopy for your house.

The support poles for this deck canopy are constructed using metal or aluminum beams that are very sturdy. Later these poles are covered with a fabric, acrylic or canvas. Advantages of a Deck Canopy:

Weather protection:Installing a deck canopy at home will save the outdoors from sun, hail, rain, sleet and snow. This will protect your family from excessive exposure to sun and UV rays keeping them healthy and safe.

Economic, flexible outdoor comfort: A deck canopy offers a long term solution for space at a very reasonable price for your family. You can select from a gamut of options that the market offers and many companies that can offer a variety of designs and patterns to suit your needs and match with the aesthetics of your home.

Utility as well as design: Not only are these desk canopies beautiful to look at but they are also a great option to create utility in several ways. Hire professionals and reliable manufactures for these canopies and you can get a number of choices to choose from if you are looking for utility and not just design.

Backyard appeal is enhanced with the use of gorgeous fabrics: You can always blend your indoors and outdoors with the use of colorful and bright fabrics in these desk canopies. Moreover, you can also co ordinate the furniture with these fabrics make your house look enchanting. These canopies can withstand the weather conditions and offer beauty as well as utility to the outdoors for many years to come.

Easy Ways to Build a Pool Deck

Today the above ground pools are gaining in popularity. You can see more and more people setting up pools in their backyards. They are easy to install, cost effective and do not require much maintenance. To get the maximum enjoyment out of the swimming pool you need to have a comfortable wooden deck where you can relax after a bath and also have lunch or dinner.

Ways to Setup a Comfortable Pool Deck: Setting up a deck pool is not easy so visiting the different companies that provide the deck material helped in finding plans, in setting a pool deck without too much trouble and expense.  The plan involved setting up a pool deck with minimum labour. The pool that was built was 21 feet in diameter and around it the deck that was to be built was of lumber that was pressure treated.

Around the pool is built the pool deck which is a wraparound of 360* which leads to a sundeck of 180 feet. Around the pool is a circular pool deck which 3 ½ feet in width. The sundeck can hold table and chairs where family can sit for their dinner and can also place loungers where they can relax.

How to build a concrete Pool Deck:  A concrete pool deck is a better option as it does not require much maintenance. The next step is to check the amount of concrete that will be needed to build the pool deck. Check the area of the pool deck and the thickness that you need for your pool deck which should be about 4 – 5 inches. Then set the frame around the pool and pour the concrete. A sun umbrella can be installed which will provide protection from UV rays.

Benefits of a Concrete Pool Deck: Concrete is the best material for a pool deck as it is economical and does not require much maintenance. Concrete can be textured, stained, coloured, painted and patterned for aesthetic appeal. It is also a long lasting surface and environment friendly as there is no pollution using concrete.

It is advisable to check on the many benefits of concrete swimming pool before setting up one that is ideal for you.