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Wood Decks to Relax in Style

Wood Decks to Relax in Style

When you decide to have wood decks, there are three types of wood that is popularly used. That  is cedar, redwood and wood that is pressure treated and may come from different species of wood. It is very difficult to make the choice of the perfect wood for the deck. They also have composite decking which is also treated for rot. The Different types of wood mentioned above has joist spacing which is 16 inches which is ideal for providing proper support. All this wood can be cut and fastened using normal tools.

What are decks made of? Most of the wood decks are made of pressure treated lumber with steel beams for support. The actual deck is the part that we walk on and can be made of PVC and wood or a composite material which is a combination of wood fibres and plastic. Redwood and Cedar are resistant to rotting but composite wood has to be treated for rotting. Redwood is quite expensive and requires sealing when it is used and the sealer has to be reapplied after time. It is quite a stable material for decks and does not warp. It contains hardly any resins and maintains a good finish.

The Benefits of Pressure Treated Lumber for Decks: Pressure treated lumber is treated for rot and insects. It is affordable compared to redwood or cedar and is popularly used for decks. Support system for decks is usually made of this material and is not visible but strong enough to provide support to the deck. This wood that is available at low prices can be unstable. There is also problem of warping, shrinking and twisting when you use low quality woods. It is better to get quality lumber that is treated at the mills with water repellents and is also pre-stained.

Cedar Wood for Decks: This wood has been used for decks for generations. It is a little soft and .is good for the balustrades, privacy fencing as well as structures like planters and pergolas,. It is naturally resistant to insects and rot. It is not an environment friendly option as rainforests are in danger of being destroyed. If you want to set up a wood deck use pressure treated wood, which is treated for rot and insects.

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