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Pep up your House for Exterior House Painting

Pep up your House for Exterior House Painting

Would you not like to give your house a coat of paint and improve its aesthetic appeal?  Exterior house painting should be done at the right time when the weather is dry and there is less humidity in the atmosphere. Paint requires time to dry and if the weather is humid it will take a long time for the paint to dry. Paint also does not hold on to surfaces that are not dry.

Preparing your House for a much- needed paint job: There is one feature of the house that will have an immediate impact on the viewer and that is the paint and how well it is done. When you decide to paint a house you want to start and finish the work fast but that is not the right way to go about it. The surface to be painted has to be prepared. If you have a stucco surface it has to be cured for 30 days before painting so that the paint adheres to it nicely.

How to get your old House Ready for Painting: If you are repainting your old house then you have to take care and check that the old paint is not peeling, mildewed or chipping. If there is mildew then you have to get rid of the mildew by spraying the place with a solution of chlorine bleach using your garden sprayer. Then the surface has to be completely cleaned using pressure to get rid of old paint and dirt.

Ways to finish Exterior House Painting Fast: If you have an occasion you want to host in your home and want the exterior house painting completed fast then you will have to wet the stucco finish daily so that it dries within a week or 10 days and you can start your painting.

Painting cannot be started before the old stucco surface is checked for pits and chips and filled with fresh stucco. Then take a tube of caulk and feel all the cracks and joints, between the doors and the walls and the windows and the walls and the mosaic too.

If you find any fascia boards showing signs of rotting replace them. Wherever necessary use sandpaper and prepare a smooth surface for painting. If you want to engage yourself in exterior house painting, follow these ideas to give the house a nice and attractive coat of paint.