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How can you hang your window

How can you hang your window shades?

Installing window shades is considered as one of the classic window treatments in that they always offer the required privacy and also aid in blocking excess sunlight into a room. These window shades will never detract the décor in your room regardless of their simplicity and sophisticated style. One advantage of opting for this window treatment is that it can be custom made to fit the size of your window and it can also be easily mounted within the frame of your window.

Hanging on the interior side: An interior mount is technically hanging the window shade inside the frame of your window which is always adjacent to the windows and it always the best ay if your window has a deep window sill. In this case, you can attach the window shades on the upper part of the frame.

In order to successfully hang the shades, you have to ensure that the interior of the frame is level, mark a suitable point, install the brackets and then install your shades. An interior mounting helps you easily adjust the shades by pulling the provided drawstrings.

Mounting on the exterior side: Ideally, an exterior mount is when you decide to mount your window shades outside the window frame and you do this by attaching them just above the window. You have to ensure that your windows have sturdy frames to withstand the weight of the shades. Locate a suitable place to fix the window brackets and then install your window shades by sliding them into place.