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Wood shed for Storage of Garden Equipment

Wood shed for Storage of Garden Equipment

Outdoor wood shed is very convenient to store garden equipment and even patio furniture during off season. There are suppliers of wood where you can get all types of wood for your house or for construction of decks or sheds. You can visit the place and check out the wood or speak to the owners  online and check on the wood that you will like to have.

A Handy Wood Shed: The shed is designed for maximum storage facility. It is 12ft X 8ft and costs around $1000. It also comes with overhead space for storage which is 48sq ft. It has a door latch which can be locked making the place secure.

Over the door there are transom windows which provide the shed with additional light. The height of the side walls in 7ft providing enough headroom. This shed can provide 770cuft of work space beside storage for mower and other tools. The wood is treated for termites, decay and rot.

Advantages of Wooden Storage Sheds: Wood Shed is long lasting and is popular compared to other storage sheds and comes in bigger sizes too. All wood pieces are available and only need to be assembled, which does not require special tools. Wood shed looks better than other sheds and is more secure.

The floor of the shed is watertight. It is heavier than other sheds and less likely to be damaged by winds. Wood sheds can be easily fitted with accessories like turbines and windows. They need to be regularly painted and maintained.

Ways to Customize Wood Sheds: They can be built to your specific needs with any type of wood. They are easy to construct and can be painted to match the colour of the house. They can be enhanced with flower boxes as well as cupolas for aesthetic appeal. The shingles of the roof can also be matched with those of the original home.

If the lady in the house is an artist or a writer, the shed can be used for her painting work. Custom cabinets as well as shelves can be added as and when required. If you are thinking of setting up a wood shed, set it up with quality wood that will last for a long time providing you multipurpose facility.

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