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Types of pool design

Types of pool design

When you want to purchase a swimming pool that is in-ground, there are a lot of things you have to look out for in terms of the pool design. You will want to consider the space you want to fit the pool and the size of the pool. You will also want to know the design the users of the pool will prefer. Children, for instance, will not be able to use pools that are deep. Here are some common types of pool design.

Play pool

For this type of pool, the depth is usually about 4 ft, so that it can easily be used by families that have children. It is appropriate for relaxation and cooling off by a family and their friends. It is also possible to customize the pool.

Lap pool

This type of pool design is adapted for individuals involved in health and fitness, who intend to use the pool for exercise. They are narrow and long, sometimes having a length of more than 50 ft. It supports rigorous workouts as well as relaxing laps.

Diving pool

The diving pool looks like the lap pool. Only that it is deep and have a board for diving. The pool design is made to accommodate expert swimmers. Families with kids or new swimmers are therefore not encouraged to use this type of pool. When they are not properly installed, they could pose great risk. It is therefore important to ensure they are installed by experts that adhere to regulation.

Infinity pool

The infinity pool is a stylish and new pond type. It is sometimes called the infinity edge. The pool get its name from its appearance whereby it is designed so that it extends out of nowhere into the edge. The modern, fresh design is getting more common as it is very attractive.

Spa pool

If you are looking forward to creating a pool where you can just relax, then the spa pool design is the best option for you. This type of pool also called the spool is normally small with just 12 to 14 square feet and the appearance of a big spa. It requires smaller space than most pools and can therefore be constructed in backyards with small spaces.

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