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Magic effect of using wall mirrors in home interior

Magic effect of using wall mirrors in home interior

Wall mirror for bedroom
Since the first wall mirrors were designed, these units have arrived in every household. In addition to their primary function of showing our reflection, mirrors can dramatically change the look of our interiors. Mirrors can solve the problem of lack of lighting in the room. Reflective, natural light spreads throughout the room, making it brighter.

Regardless of the size of the mirrors, your main goal is not to find their correct position in space. A mirror on the wall that is perpendicular to the window creates a breathtaking effect of a room lit by sunlight. Do not hang a mirror opposite the window: Feng Shui does not recommend it and you will not get proper lighting of the room. Small rooms can look much more spacious if you hang large wall mirrors there.

If the space is tight, hang two large mirrors along one of the long walls, you get the effect of expanding the space. If you don’t have enough sources of lighting, you can place the mirror to reflect light sources – natural light coming through windows or lamps.

Some homeowners make a mistake lighting the mirror themselves, but it is impossible to get the effect of a bright room using this method. Mirrors can make our ceilings look higher. Designers know the following method: when you hang a mirror vertically over the sofa, low ceilings are “raised”. Another place for this is the installation of the mirror above the fireplace or the chest: it accentuates the room design.

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