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Get Carport Garage to House your Car

Get Carport Garage to House your Car

A carport garage is needed to provide shelter for the car. It is constructed using wood, metal and other materials. This shelter can protect your car from elements like the winter snow, rain, harmful UV rays and sleet. It is constructed with a roof, sides and sometimes a door. When you choose a quality carport garage it will last for many years.

Carport Garage you can Build Yourself

Carport garage can solve the problem of providing shelter to the car. Today labour being expensive you do not need expensive contractors to take care of this problem. You can get carport kits that will help you to set up a garage yourself using wood, steel or other materials.

The prefabricated garage kits that are available beside carport kits of steel help you to save a lot of time. Not only is your car protected from the elements, it is also protected from the excrement of birds. You will not have to waste time brushing the snow or scrapping the ice or washing the car of bird excrement. You can get pre-fabricated steel structures to shelter your car.

The Steel or Wood Carport to Shelter your Car

The wood carport that is available is made of Sierra wood which is strong enough to bear the weight of 40pounds of snow. Its dimension is 240 inches in diameter, 144 inches in width and 135 inches in height. The engineered truss of the carport can resist wind of 90MHP. Pine wood used in the building is treated for infestation by pests and wood decay. It is sold with a 50 year warranty

This structure cost $3173 but the shingles and the door have to paid for separately, by the home owner. It comes with a ¾ inch plywood floor which is treated for sheathing.

Benefits of Steel or Wood Carports

Steel or Wood Carports are economical compared to getting contractors to build a carport for you. It can also be shifted if you shift your residence. If you use a carport with walls it serves to store tools and other items. A carport comes with ten year warranty and can be purchased in any colour to match your home décor.

You can choose any carport garage to shelter your car and protect it from the natural elements

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