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An Overview of Stepping stones

An Overview of Stepping stones

Stepping stones

This is a set of stones whose arrangement allows a person to cross a small water surface without necessarily stepping into the water. Often used in gardens where there exists a small water body. These arrangements of these stones are in such a way that water is allowed to flow in between the spaces left by the rocks. They just act like a natural bridge whose function is to enable people to cross a natural water body.

Origin of the idea of stepping stones

The stepping stones are some of the oldest bridges in the individual records. The ancient people always had built structures that they used to cross rivers and dark regions without having to walk through the water or mud itself.

This idea, however, tickled down to the current generation in another context, though. Since technology has made it possible to steel bridges in the modern society, the stone bridges are almost extinct but not completely. Nowadays, they are not used to cross comparatively large water bodies as before. They are just included in the free designs for other purposes rather than as bridges.

Use of stepping stones

Although they may be difficult to cross rivers when the water levels are every high, they are just as efficient as any other bridge: they are organized in patterns that coincide with the individual steps. For example, in a green garden, the owner might use the stepping stones as a way of avoiding stepping in the grass while walking in the backyard. This art of using stones has been incorporated into the individual building designs for decoration purposes.

A variety of shapes and types of rocks are used to cover pathways that people will walk on instead of stepping on some elements of the garden, like grass and ponds. These stones can also be used to decorate entry paths into the house by using various shapes and designs. Often, driveways nowadays also use the stepping stones as part of the road. This main is classy and will make the drive and appeal for the path users.

The role played by stepping stones varies widely with the traditions, location, the era and the types of stone locally available

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