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Decoration Ideas Using White Wood Blinds

Decoration Ideas Using White Wood Blinds

Window blind is a very old and popular window covering which has a variety of controlling systems. Nowadays it has become a trend to decorate your window like this. The typical window blind is made up of several vertical or horizontal cords. The material used in mostly wooden, metal or plastic. There so many varieties of this blind, but the popular one is the white wood blinds.

But this wood blind is not appropriate for every room or home. Anyone can make them quite stylish for decoration. I am going to discuss some decoration style by which you may get some idea about the decoration by using the white wood blinds.

Make your outside or inside mount…

If your window frame has depth enough, then you can easily mount the window blinds inside the frame for giving an attractive contrast white colored trim. But when the window depth doesn’t allow for inside mounting , then just hanging it appropriately, it will give another kind of style. If you will use the white wood blinds, it will look awesome.

How can you top the blind?

First of all, notice your wall color, then apply the blinds, always remember that a dark wood blind can make a ‘small window’ appear smaller but the white wood blinds have the opposite effects. The topper which is mounted high, but don’t make it too high that it expose the upper.

Make your blinds wider which is better than narrow…

Using white wood blinds has a good benefits like it reflects more light than any other color or wood tone blinds. There is a perfect size which gives you a perfect look while using the blinds.

The white wood blind present a clean look by itself. It is flanked by curtains which are visually warmer. The fabrics of the wood blinds act as an insulation. It is helping you by keeping out cold in the winter and heat in the summer. You don’t need to match the window treatment colors, if you go with white tone that really suits your room.

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