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Add Value to your House with a Brick Patio

Add Value to your House with a Brick Patio

A brick patio can enhance the value of your home. Setting up a brick patio does not require special skills. First you need to plan the area in which you are going to set up a patio and then choose the materials you like to use to create this patio. You need to relax, plan, be creative and start the construction.

How to set up a Brick Patio? There are a lot of factors to be considered before building a brick patio. First it is best to contact the local utility services that there are no gas, plumbing and electrical lines in the place you are going to dig to set up a brick patio. If the place for your patio is going to be large make sure it slopes in the right direction for drainage.

You will require tools and material to build the patio. The materials will include landscape fabric for blocking weeds, brick pavers with interlocking, rakes and shovels, Landscape spikes of 6-inch, push brooms and grinder with diamond wheel, which can be got on rental. Every 100sq feet of building area will require about 1 tonne of stone dust. A sold lifter and a plate compactor can also be got on rental.

Second Sate of Building a Patio: All grass has to be removed from the area where you are going to set up the brick patio. This can be done by using the sod lifter. You can dig about 2 inches deep to get all the roots out. Shovels and rakes should be used to level all the dirt. If there are humps you can use the sod lifter to remove around 2 inches of dirt. Then the landscape fabric can be spread out using landscape spikes.

The Final Stage of Building a Patio: The area has to be filled with stone dust of 2 inches in 5 feet section using screed. Any depression in this area can be filled with stone dust. After the whole area is covered with stone dust then use the plate compactor and compact the place. Repeat the process of laying stone dust twice. Then find the centre and start laying the pavers. If you want a brick patio in your backyard follow the above procedure and set it up.

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