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Gardens are very lovely to have especially when they are very beautiful. Having a garden in a home is sure to make that home very attractive and lovely. These gardens create a form of classy and sophisticating look that would always attract people.

The beautiful flowers, their various lovely colors, the way they are being trimmed and other things about gardens would always captivate people. One is sure to experience this when he has a garden in the front of his home. These kinds of gardens are regarded as front gardens.

FRONT GARDEN DESIGNS: Front gardens need to be beautiful and neat as people would come in contact with the garden before getting into a home. If the garden is beautiful, it passes a message that the inner part of the home would also be beautiful. Having a beautiful front garden requires time and beautiful front garden designs.

Ordinarily, one could hire a professional to help design his front garden. If one does not want to do this, he could design his front garden himself. All he has to do is go through various front garden designs and select the one he likes. A tidy and neat front garden adds value to a home.

THINGS TO PUT IN MIND WHEN DESIGNING THE FRONT OF A GARDEN: When wanting to design the front garden of a home there are some things one has to put in mind. Some of them include:

  1. WHERE TO BEGIN WITH THE DESIGN: under this, one has to do the following things.
  • Make use plants that flower in all seasons.
  • So as to have color in the front garden one can grow all foliage. In doing this, one has to be careful not to plant the foliage next to the front windows so as not to block them.
  • One should avoid using much paving. For example, if a person wants to use a part of his garden as car park, he could limit the paving to just 2-3 strips of bricks.
  • One could make use of window boxes as they help to add splash of colors every season
  1. CHOOSING SHRUBS AND PLANTS FOR THE FRONT GARDEN: some of these plants and shrubs are lavender, bamboo, bellflower, musk strawberry etc

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