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Types of storage chests

Types of storage chests

Bed box end with storage space
Nowadays, houses, especially bedrooms, are hard to imagine without storage boxes. The practicality of these items is amazing: they are designed to hold so many things: – clothes and documents, underwear and jewelry. There are many design decisions of these units so every homeowner today can find the stuff that will fit into their interior design.

While an old storage box was a solid wooden box with a heavy lid, handle and lock, current models use new types of accessories. The fronts of this furniture have no handles and are opened by clicking on the closers of the boxes. The legs can be adjustable, built-in light is installed in the drawers.

The first step in choosing the right dresser is to determine the location where you want to place it. For a small room, it is better to choose a narrow and tall storage box, while a large bedroom welcomes a long and narrow chest. If you want to use it in a modern style dorm, choose the stuff made from ultra light contemporary materials. These models can even be equipped with lighting systems or a music bar.

You can choose modern furniture in a standalone color scheme or find the dresser that matches your other furniture and walls in color. The bedroom, designed in shades of brown, allows the use of a chest made of natural wood, lacquered or artificially aged. Don’t buy a device that is too bulky for a small space: choose the smaller, practical model. Some chests of drawers with a hinged lid can serve as a side table.

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