Simple Landscaping Ideas With Low Maintenance

Simple Landscaping Ideas With Low Maintenance

Easy landscaping ideas for small areas

These ideas are suitable for you who have lots of activities to do throughout the day. This type of landscaping doesn’t require complicated treatment, it’s perfect for a busy family who barely has time to tend their gardens. Even if you don’t have time to mow or water, you can manage a simple landscape; Here are some minimalist ideas for you to create a simple landscape.

Simple landscaping ideas for a small front yard

If you’ve already had a lawn of green grass, now is the time to decide which plants to plant over the lawn. Shrubs or flowers can be a good idea for simple landscaping. When you have some plants to add to your landscape, it’s time to start thinking about the arrangement. Bed flowers, ground covers, or shrubs are best placed around the edge of your gate. This idea works on a small size back yard or front yard. Placing these plants in the middle of the lawn can make your landscape look crowded. You can arrange your plants together with the gate, so your lawn can look bigger and more spacious.

Easy landscaping ideas Australia

You can also arrange bedding flowers or shrubs under your windows or in front of your walls. You can put them together with the line of your wall. So you have a generous lawn for your children to play. When arranging your landscape this way, you need to pay attention to the angle. Make sure you are putting together flower beds that are too large so that you can have difficulty mowing them.

Easy landscaping ideas in front of the house

Adding natural stones is also recommended for your simple landscape. You can use them to create paths. Then plant flowers or bushes along the paths. Simple landscaping ideas mean that you don’t put a lot of effort into designing your landscape, just try these simple ideas.

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