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Make it a Natural Fit for your windows by using wood blinds

Make it a Natural Fit for your windows by using wood blinds

Choices for your blind design: Giving your window the additional treatment can be in many ways depending on what you want in your window treatment. Your choice of course can be dependent on the style and type of the material of design and or according to manufacturer’s make or pattern.

In terms of style and type, you can decide to go for a roman blind, the roller, the pleated or others in the pack. For the focus of material of design, you can decide to go for hard treatment with materials such as wood, vinyl or metals. If you want it as a soft treatment however, the fabric grades of materials are available for you to make your pick from.

Wood is people’s favorite in hard treatment of window: In the application of window blinds which is a hard treatment to homes, wood is a common material of choice. This may not be unconnected to its natural feel around the home. The wood of high quality such as oak and mahogany are cool for your window blinds design for a lasting and durable use. You can give that wood of choice a good polish or stain to make brilliant wood blinds in your window. Wood blinds are also referred to as the Venetian blind.

The design and functionality of wood blinds: Wooden blinds are designed mostly with horizontal slats attached to cords which can help to pull up or down to reveal a view or at an angle to give some measure of sunlight and still maintain a measure of privacy. The vertical slats are much wide if that is a choice as a homeowner.

In a vertical design, the slat control mechanism is quite different. The pull does not go upwards but rather sideways at both ends unlike in the horizontal arrangement. The size of the wooden slats usually comes in three kinds of dimension to choose from. This can be the 25mm, the 35mm size or the widest of them all which is the 50mm as conventional standards.

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